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Three Surprising Ways Installing a Central Air Conditioning System in Your Gloucester Home Can Save Your Summer

Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes, and living in Gloucester definitely throws a varied climate our way. It’s amazing how mild temperatures during the colder months can transform into sweltering summers. You know the sort: sticky, humid, and most of all, sweaty. It’s not so bad at first, but by the dog days of August, many of us are begging for a little relief.

Which is why so many Gloucester residents rely on window-installed or portable air conditioners to try and beat the summer heat. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with fixing up a window unit. But when every summer seems to be the hottest summer on record, maybe it’s time to call Alliance Mechanical Services LLC for an upgrade to a central air conditioning system. Here are three ways that’ll help you save your summer this year:

You’ll Save on Electricity Costs

It’s true that central air conditioning installation might cost you a chunk of change up front when compared to popular portable or window-unit air conditioners. But think about it: heating and cooling technology isn’t cheap. In order to turn a profit, the portable unit manufacturers have to offset the cost somehow.

So they save on building costs by choosing less expensive and more inefficient parts for their products. Which means that the incredible deal you got on your portable air conditioner actually has a ton of hidden costs when the monthly power bill comes in.

That isn’t good for the planet or your wallet. The worst part? Many portable or window units can barely manage to cool an entire room, let alone your entire house. This means running your unit more often and racking up utility charges.

You’ll Save on Replacing Old Units

Another unintended consequence of an inefficient unit? You’ll have to replace it that much more often. Having your portable unit looked at by an air conditioner repair company often will void the warranty, meaning you have to deal with the manufacturer yourself. You’re lucky to get five years of most air conditioners, while central air can last for decades without replacement.

You’ll Save Money on Healthcare

Many people think of modern heating and cooling as a luxury. Sure, we’ll agree to that. But so are antibiotics, and yet no one would think of passing on those when they were sick. But did you know that heat stress is a major factor in recovery from illness and good health in general? There’s a reason people are hospitalized during major heat waves—extreme heat, like the kind we see during Gloucester summers—just isn’t all that good for you.

Call The Best HVAC Contractors in the State

When it comes to heating and cooling, there’s only one name to trust: Alliance Mechanical Services LLC. We’re the primo air conditioning installation company in Gloucester and beyond. If you want to know how to stay cool during sweaty summer days, give us a call today!